We’re on a mission to change electronic prescribing

Effective electronic prescribing can save plans and patients money. But today’s ePrescribing system is broken. Doctors can’t access the information needed to make informed, cost-effective prescription decisions. Patients pay for more expensive drugs or abandon their prescriptions altogether. Plans shell out millions each year for costly prescriptions at non-preferred pharmacies.

Elevating ePrescribing for everyone to generate savings

BenMedica’s team is comprised of experts who are passionate about fixing electronic prescribing so that doctors can select the best drug the first time, patients can remain on therapy, and plans can save money (to the tune of $88 per member per year or more).

With over 100 years of combined expertise in Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing, our team is uniquely positioned to transform the industry and combat rising drug costs.

Since the dawn of electronic prescribing, we’ve taken an active role in developing capabilities and supporting physician adoption. Now we’re focusing on modernizing and advancing the system to better serve doctors and patients.

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Empowering doctors with better information

The heart of our solutions is better information. We work with payers to optimize prescription information, identify saving opportunities, and develop relevant alternatives. All of this happens behind the scenes before doctors ever log onto their computers.

The result is access to information that doctors can actually understand and use to prescribe the best drugs for their patients the first time.

Our Story

In 2012, Bruce Wilkinson saw the untapped potential for reducing drug costs for payers and their members. As an experienced healthcare executive and standards leader at NCPDP, he decided to focus his knowledge, expertise, and innovation on helping doctors access information needed during office visits to select the best medications for their patients.

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The result of Bruce’s vision is BenMedica, a leader in reducing drug costs through enhanced formulary information.

BenMedica’s ongoing efforts to reduce prescription spending and improve patient outcomes include:

  • Analyzing claims data to determine client savings potential

  • Developing customized solutions to enhance existing drug information

  • Innovating new solutions to enable physicians to make smarter, more informed prescribing decisions

  • Continuing participation in shaping electronic prescribing standards

Our solutions have improved health outcomes for over 15M lives while slashing drug costs for all stakeholders.

Everyone loves prescription savings

From health plans to employers to benefit consultants and PBMs, our clients all have one thing in common: savings.

Using our deep working knowledge of established formulary standards, the BenMedica team is uniquely positioned to take advantage of both under and poorly utilized drug communication by being innovative, creative, and nimble for our clients. BenMedica’s optimized information leads to smarter prescription decisions at the point of prescribing and as a result, lower drug costs. By working with us, our clients save millions on prescription spending.

And our research continues to expand saving opportunities for everyone.

Here’s a lineup of some of our clients:

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Getting Started

Join us on our mission to help physicians make better prescription choices through enhanced information and see how much your organization could save.