Better Information = Smarter Prescriptions = Lower Costs

BenMedica, a leader in Medication Decision Support communication services, provides innovative and customized solutions which reduces drug costs to payers and patients. The solutions are currently available to nearly all ePrescribing physicians and can be implemented quickly, resulting in measurable savings and significant ROI.

Benefits of enhanced drug benefit information include:

  • More effective formulary information to prescribers

  • Drug price transparency, resulting in more cost-effective choices

  • Customized services to drive client-specific goals

  • Remote payer management interface to all messaging

  • Lessened burden from the IT department

Working hand-in-glove with initial clients, BenMedica has created effective solutions, developed new programs, and measured the savings that can be achieved.

Key Service Offerings

BenMedica’s SmartAlts® and Complete F&B® services use our exclusive technology to enhance data and provide more effective information to prescribers.  These services augment existing formulary and benefit data feeds and supplement current PBM information. Better information at the point of prescribing assists prescribers in making smarter prescription decisions, saves patients money while increasing adherence, and reduces drug spend for all stakeholders.

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BenMedica’s Story

In 2012, Bruce Wilkinson saw the untapped potential for reducing drug costs for payers and their members. As an experienced healthcare executive and standards leader at NCPDP, he decided to take his deep knowledge, experience and innovative vision to the market. As a result, BenMedica was created and has become a leader in providing prescriber communication tools to reduce drug costs for patients and payers while improving outcomes for over 15M lives.

BenMedica’s innovative services provide clear advantages to traditional formulary and benefit drug support. Because of their deep working knowledge of established formulary standards, the BenMedica team was uniquely positioned to take advantage of both under and poorly utilized drug communication by being innovative, creative and nimble for their clients. BenMedica’s optimized information leads to smarter prescription decisions at the point of prescribing and as a result, lower drug costs.

BenMedica’s ongoing efforts to reduce prescription spending and improve patient outcomes include:

  • Gap analysis to determine client savings potential

  • Developing customized solutions to enhance existing drug information

  • Innovating new solutions to enable physicians to make smarter, more informed prescribing decisions

  • Continuing participation in shaping electronic prescribing standards

As a result of their efforts, BenMedica has become a leader in providing customized Medication Decision Support tools to clinicians that drive lower patient costs and reduce payers’ drug spending.  

Why Work with Us?

BenMedica is uniquely positioned to take advantage of both under and poorly utilized drug communication by creating innovative and nimble solutions for our clients. BenMedica’s optimized information drives smarter medication decisions at the point of prescribing and lowers drug spending for all stakeholders.

Clients who trust us to help them deliver better information to prescribers:

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Getting Started

Join us on our mission to help physicians make better prescription choices through enhanced information and see how much your organization could save.