Complete F&B®: Offering Actionable Information within the Prescriber’s Current Workflow

Today, electronic prescribing is the industry standard with more than 85% of physicians using Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Despite significant advances over the past two decades, ePrescribing still lags behind other industries in the depth and breadth of information provided to end users.

BenMedica’s Complete F&B  solution enhances formulary data so that providers can make informed medication decisions at the point-of-prescribing. By leveraging existing EHR infrastructure, BenMedica can quickly and cost-effectively enable prescribers to access the information they need as part of their existing workflow to select the right drug for their patients. This process can also include drug price transparency. Learn more below about current formulary and benefit challenges and how our Complete F&B solution addresses them.

The Impact of Information Gaps within Electronic Prescribing

Within today’s EHRs are significant information gaps that impede the clinician’s ability to choose the best drug option at the point-of-prescribing. Without access to data such as copays, coverage limits, and prior authorization restrictions and relevant alerts, physicians are hampered when selecting drugs their patients can afford.

EHRs typically receive basic information such as formulary status, tier level, and quantity limits. This lack of detail leaves prescribers without the complete information they need to know if their patient’s selected drug is covered and if they can afford the needed prescription(s).

Below is an example of how formulary and benefit information typically appears in EHRs.

Better Information Leads to Better Outcomes for All Stakeholders

Complete F&B provides medication decision support to providers by offering better, more complete information at the point-of-prescribing. Physicians can see specific copay information for each drug and dose, retail and mail order cost difference, coverage limits, and other restrictions. Copay and coverage data for alternatives is also provided, giving prescribers the information they need to make prescription choices that best fit their patients’ needs.

With BenMedica Complete F&B, prescribers have access to patient-specific information to support their medication decisions.

Let BenMedica’s Complete F&B Solution Help You

BenMedica’s Complete F&B can be integrated into existing EHR infrastructures, making roll-out quick and cost-effective. By giving prescribers the information they need to select the best prescriptions for their patients, all stakeholders save time and money.

Contact us to begin the process of enhancing your formulary data or visit our getting started page to learn more.