Current Electronic Prescribing Information Gaps Lead to More Expensive Drugs and Inefficient Provider Workflow

Most ePrescribing physicians today have limited access to actionable patient coverage information like copays and affordable alternatives.

Without patient-specific data, physicians are left wondering about:

  • Lower-cost options

  • Affordable alternatives

  • Payer-preferred drugs

  • What drug is covered

  • Prescription restrictions

  • Pharmacy networks

  • Clean scripts

  • Pharmacy callbacks

As a result of these information gaps:

BenMedica Patient Icon.png

Patients: Can’t afford medications or pay more than necessary for drugs

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Physicians: Spend time rewriting prescriptions, guessing on affordable alternatives, & dealing with callbacks

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Payers: Pay for non-preferred drugs and experience formulary compliance issues and suboptimal adherence


Pharmacies: Handle patients’ sticker shock and are burdened with callbacks to physicians


By providing better information, payers can reduce prescription costs for patients, decrease physician time finding optimal prescriptions, and save on drug costs.