How to Provide Better Information to Physicians Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Our team has the tools, resources, and experience to quickly and efficiently put in place money-saving solutions for health plans, employers, government insurance programs, ACOs, and PBMs. By leveraging existing EHR technology and infrastructure, we may be able to implement your enhancements as quickly as six weeks to reach all e-prescribers.

Here is an overview of the process we follow to provide your physicians with better data.

Opportunity Analysis.png

Opportunity analysis based on claims to identify estimated savings


Point-of-Prescribing gap analysis to demonstrate how BenMedica’s solutions improve results

Recommendations Icon.png

Results of analysis and what solutions BenMedica’s team recommends

Timeline Icon.png

Timeline and budget established

Implement Icon.png

Solutions customized and implemented based on your specific needs

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