SmartAlts®: Providing Cost-Effective, Clinically Relevant Alternatives through EHRs

Although today’s current electronic prescribing systems have the technology in place to display alternatives to physicians during medication selection as part of their workflow, often only basic data is provided. Without access to information such as copays and clinically equivalent options, physicians don’t have the necessary tools to choose prescriptions that will best meet their patients’ needs. 

The True Cost of Limited Access to Actionable Data

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  • Field unnecessary callbacks

  • Rewrite prescriptions for not covered or too expensive drugs

  • Waste administrative time fixing avoidable problems

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  • Can’t get needed medications due to coverage or cost issues

  • Abandon prescription treatments

  • Experience suboptimal outcomes without necessary medication

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  • Pay for non-preferred drugs at out-of-network pharmacies

  • Risk lower Medicare Part D STAR ratings

  • Respond to frustrated providers and members who need better information


Typical Alternatives Display within Electronic Health Records

Prescription searches within EHRs typically return a bare minimum of information such as formulary status, tier level, and quantity limits. If alternatives information is included, physicians usually can only view the names of drugs within the same therapeutic class and basic benefit information.

Below is an example of how alternatives information usually appears in EHRs.

Without specific information such as copay and clinical equivalents, physicians are unable to choose the best medication for their patients’ health and fiscal needs.

The benefit overview also lacks critical information such as plan limitations, preferred status, and mail order savings, resulting in patient callbacks, missed savings opportunities and frequent prescription rewriting.

BenMedica’s SmartAlts Display

SmartAlts provides clinical relevance and copay information for alternatives, bypassing cumbersome processes for researching alternatives and eliminating the need for callbacks and prescription rewriting. With SmartAlts, physicians can select the most clinically appropriate medications the first time, increasing patient adherence and improving outcomes.

In addition to copay information and clinical equivalence, SmartAlts provides more complete benefit information, enabling prescribers to have a fuller picture of patient benefits and coverage restrictions. When physicians understand and prescribe within plan limitations, payers save money by paying for preferred drugs and avoid the administrative burden of prescription alterations.

Here is how alternatives information appears with BenMedica’s SmartAlts.

Put BenMedica’s SmartAlts to Work for You

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