Patrick Kelly

Chief Information Officer

Patrick is a results-oriented technology executive with over three decades of experience leading and transforming healthcare organizations. Throughout his career, he has built a strong track record of success in driving innovation, growth, and operational excellence through strategic technology solutions. His bachelor's degree, while the specific field is not mentioned in his resume, provided a solid foundation for his technical expertise, which he has continuously honed and expanded over his extensive career.

Patrick's experience spans across various aspects of healthcare IT, from population health management to accountable care organizations. He has a proven ability to lead and mentor teams, having held leadership positions at multiple companies. In these roles, he has managed and mentored teams of developers, data analysts, and other technical professionals, fostering a collaborative and productive environment. Patrick is proficient in a wide range of technologies relevant to healthcare IT, including cloud platforms like Azure, data integration tools like SSIS and Azure Data Factory, and business intelligence solutions like Tableau.

Patrick has led diverse projects throughout his career, including developing business intelligence solutions to highlight financial and productivity opportunities at provider offices, HIPAA compliance, HITRUST certification, and risk management, and cloud migrations.

Patrick earned his MBA from Texas A&M University and is passionate about leveraging technology to improve patient care, reduce costs, and enhance efficiencies across the healthcare industry. He has a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing healthcare and is skilled at developing and implementing solutions that address those challenges. This passion is evident in his work, consistently demonstrating a talent for innovation and growth.

Patrick Kelly