Turbocharging Drug Savings

Our solutions turbocharge drug savings, allowing plans and patients to reduce prescription costs.

We have a proven track record of saving plans $12 per member per year (before refill savings). Based on historical claims analysis, we can save $143 PMPY or more.

We provide doctors with prescription information like copay and insurance coverage and analyze prescription alternatives to help doctors select more affordable options.

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Savings Solutions


We generate savings by improving the current formulary and benefit data sent to EHRs so that doctors can access information like copay, coverage, and prior authorizations during patient visits.

When doctors have the right information, they can choose the best prescription for their patients, leading to higher prescription savings for everyone.

With as little as 40% physician adoption of our recommendations, we can generate up to $5.3 million per year in prescription savings for a 100,000-member employer-sponsored plan.

Who We Serve

We help health plans, employers, consultants, and PBMs reduce prescription spending. Learn more about how our solutions drive down prescription costs for all stakeholders.

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Begin Turbocharging Your Drug Savings Today

We optimize drug savings for health plans, employers, PBMs, and other risk-bearing entities by supporting more informed physician prescription decisions.

Here’s an overview of our process:

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Gap Analysis

Identifying potential savings

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Determining the best solutions

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Putting solutions in place

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Monitoring results & refining

About Us

Better Information = Smarter Prescriptions = Lower Costs

With over 100 years of combined experience working to reduce prescription costs, BenMedica is a recognized leader in Medication Decision Support communication services. We enable prescription drug savings through innovative and customized solutions available to nearly all ePrescribing physicians.

Our deep working knowledge of established formulary standards has uniquely positioned us to save payers money on their prescription spending. BenMedica’s optimized information leads to smarter prescription decisions at the point of prescribing and as a result, lower drug costs.