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Leading the Industry in Transforming Pharmacy

Our mission at Benmedica is to lead the industry in transforming pharmacy management. We deliver advanced, multi-channel solutions that substantially reduce drug costs seamlessly embedded with existing clinician workflows including EMRs.

Our platform empowers e-prescribers, care managers, pharmacists, and patients by offering precision F&B, therapeutically similar drug alternatives, and the most intelligent RTPB solutions. With a robust clinical backbone, we simplify medication alternatives to deliver significant drug savings.

Benmedica is at the forefront of fostering the most effective, efficient, and healthy interactions in healthcare.

  • Task Group Leader of NCPDP F&B standards since 2008
  • Original architect of the industry EHR F&B requirements
  • Responsible for developing the ePA standards nationally
  • Former Co-leader of the RTPB standards for the industry

Bruce Wilkinson, Founder & CEO