The Power of Intelligent ePrescribing

Formulary & Benefit (F&B), Real Time Prescription Benefits (RTPB), and electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) are all tools to help make prescribing more efficient and cost concious.

By displaying the benefit information at the point of decision, prescribers can make the most informed decisions about their patient's prescription.

These tools help the prrovider optimize prescribing by selecting the lower cost, therapeutically similar medications, with less coverage restrictions.


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SmartAlts™ Delivers Intelligent ePrescribing

SmartAlts provide the most intelligent, therapeutically similar, lowest cost drug alternatives so prescribers can bypass the cumbersome processes for researching alternatives, rewriting prescriptions, and reducing pharmacy callbacks.

SmartAlts are seamlessly displayed in the prescriber's Electronic Health Record/Electronic Medical Record (EHR/EMR) and improve what is shown by including other useful benefit information like formulary status, copay, and coverage restrictions. With SmartAlts, prescribers can select the most clinically appropriate low lower cost products the first time, increasing patient adherence, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.

As a result, the patients typically pay less for their medication, while your health care organization can achieve substantial savings depending upon the patient population you are serving.

How Do They Work?

Intelligent ePrescribing is powered by a proprietary solution which is rooted in the most current research. See an example of the SmartAlts solution for an HMG-CoA Statins therapeutic category, based on the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) drugs.

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How are Therapeutically Similar SmartAlts™ Determined

The therapeutically similar alternatives are determined for a particular drug or product regardless of pharmacy benefit plan based on a broad array of published information as reviewed and approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee. Also, the clinical team reviews additions, deletions and modifications every week.

A review of FDA approved indication(s) and information supplied by the FDA is assessed. Then, peer reviewed scientific literature such as the following is referenced:

  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
  • Journal of Managed Care & Speciality Pharmacy (JMCP)
  • Results of clinical trials (
  • Criteria developed by specialty societies such as American College of Rheumatology
  • Guidelines adopted by other health care organizations such as Clevelend Clinic
  • Guidelines suggested by independant reviewers such as ICER (Institute for Clinical and Economic Review)
  • Clinical databases such as Facts and Comparisons

SmartAlts™ can substancially reduce drug costs as well as maximise patient affordability and adherence

Therapeutically SImilar

Therapeutically SImilar

420+ Therapeutic Classes

420+ Therapeutic Classes

Rich Formulary & Coverage

Rich Formulary & Coverage

Prior Authorization Visibility

Prior Authorization Visibility