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Seamlessly displaying drug information clinical settings

Benmedica delivers its Precision F&B™, SmartAlts™ and Intelligent RTPB™ solution via the industry’s existing e-prescribing backbone. While many solutions require separate clicks, hovers or applications to present their information, Benmedica seamlessly appears within the existing workflow of EHRs without integration.

The Benmedica drug savings results are truly impressive with pharmacy spend throughout our healthcare system being one of the greatest challenges that we face.

David Nash, MD, MBA

Dr. Raymond C. & Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy

Jefferson College of Population Health

Precision F&B™

Led by the industry’s thought leader in F&B, Benmedica has established the most useful solution for presenting formulary and benefit data. This information is seamlessly displayed in EHRs at the point of prescribing among other settings.

Precision F&B™


Based upon a proprietary platform years in the making, Benmedica has developed the most intelligent drug alternatives. The solution leads the industry with 93%+ drug coverage in over 420 therapeutic classes and growing to empower clinicians.


Intelligent RTPB™

Guided by a foundation of precise formulary and benefit information and smart drug alternatives, Benmedica offers an unprecedented level of real-time prescription benefit coverage. It compliments the seamless workflow experience within EHRs among other settings.

Intelligent RTPB™