Driving Savings Through Improved Formulary Data

BenMedica offers payer-to-provider communications services like medication decision support and services to assist prescribers with the information necessary to select affordable, effective medications for patients at the point-of-prescribing. We work with PBMs, employers, government entities and health plans to enrich and supplement the data provided to clinicians through prescribing systems like electronic health/medical record systems. By providing enhanced data, BenMedica helps all stakeholders save money on prescription medication costs.

Innovative Tools, Deep Experience

BenMedica is uniquely positioned to address current and future electronic prescribing challenges because of our deep experience within the industry and our forward-facing view of the market.

Since the inception of electronic prescribing, our team of experts has been actively involved in shaping ePrescribing and formulary standards, developing solutions for optimizing formulary data, and working toward improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our suite of tools is compatible with current Electronic Health Record system technology and can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Because we leverage existing infrastructure, we can reach the 1 million prescribers who use EHRs for prescriptions and the 240 million patients they serve.

A Different Approach to Enhancing E-Prescribing Data

BenMedica exists to help payers, prescribers, and patients save time and money by providing better formulary information at the point-of-prescribing. We believe that better information leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders. We work to:

  • Help payers reduce drug spend and administrative costs

  • Anticipate market needs and innovate to meet them

  • Enable payers to be more competitive by offering better information to prospective clients

  • Partner with formulary management to achieve better results at the point of prescribing

  • Reduce payers’ IT department costs and other supporting staff

  • Eliminate information gaps across the value chain

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Explore Our Solutions

Our solutions offer payers the opportunity to support medication decisions by enhancing the data sent to prescribers through their EHR. With this enhanced data, prescribers have access to important information such as drug costs, restrictions, and suitable alternatives.



Providing cost-effective, clinically relevant alternatives to prescribers within EHRs

By displaying a curated list of clinically equivalent alternatives that includes copay information, SmartAlts enables providers to initially select the best medication for their patients. This increases patient adherence, improves outcomes, and reduces the physician administrative burden of rewriting prescriptions. BenMedica’s patent-pending technology supports concise management of your formularies.

PBMs and Health Plans also benefit from physician access to enhanced alternatives through reduced spending on non-preferred drugs, higher utilization of in-network pharmacies, and greater customer satisfaction.


Complete F&B®

Offering actionable formulary information within prescribers’ current workflow

Complete F&B uses current EHR technology and workflow to offer clinicians better, more complete information at the point-of-prescribing. With Complete F&B, physicians can view specific copay information for each drug and dose, retail and mail order cost difference, coverage limits, and other restrictions.

When physicians have the right information at the right time, they can choose drugs that will meet their patients’ needs.