Saving money on drug costs can be easier

Electronic prescribing today can be more of a burden than a benefit. Nearly half of doctors view Electronic Health Records’ (EHRs) primary benefit as data storage, with fewer than 10% seeing them as valuable clinical tools.

When doctors aren’t able to use their ePrescribing systems to find the information they need, they can’t select the best drug for their patients, leaving patients susceptible to cost-prohibitive treatments. Patients neither know how much a drug will cost nor what their coverage will be until they reach the pharmacy. Payers are wasting tens of millions each year on non-preferred drugs or higher-cost pharmacies.

It’s time for something to change, and that something is drug information that’s fed into EHR systems before doctors ever talk with their patient about a potential prescription. 

It all starts with better information


To reduce prescription spending, BenMedica enhances the source: information provided to doctors through their EHRs. The key to drug savings is ensuring that payer drug information contains what doctors need to choose the right drug the first time.

That’s where we come in. By working with payers, employers, and benefit consultants to improve the information sent to EHRs, doctors can access the drug benefit information they need to select the best, most affordable drug for their patients the first time. This information helps eliminate callbacks from pharmacies through cleaner scripts and improves patient adherence to therapy by more affordable covered drugs.

Without coverage and cost details, doctors can only guess at the lowest-cost option for their patients. And, while doctors are already conditioned to select generics over brands and may have a rough idea of which drugs are pricier than others, they often can’t access plan-specific information critical to selecting cost-effective prescriptions.

An alternative to high prescription costs

Plans have an untapped opportunity to reduce prescription spending by providing actionable alternatives information to doctors through EHRs. Arming doctors with therapeutically appropriate alternatives skyrockets plan (and patient) savings.

We’ve calculated that a 100k-member plan can save over $5.3 million each year if doctors select only 40% of alternatives suggestions.

Rx Savings Projected for Payers.png

The Right Drug the First Time

Doctors are tired of sifting through unintelligible data to find the best prescriptions for their patients. Changing prescriptions, wrangling with insurance companies, and going back and forth with pharmacies until patients find an affordable treatment curtails physician productivity.

Our solutions for the point of prescribing and real-time prescription benefit enable doctors to select the right drug the first time, eliminating the administrative burden of rewriting prescriptions and saving everyone, plans, doctors, and patients, time and money.

Get Started Saving Today

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