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Bruce Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Founder, Bruce Wilkinson, knows the ins and outs of physician connectivity, especially electronic prescribing, within the pharmacy benefits manager industry (PBM).  Bruce has a BA from Boston College in both economics and history and an MBA from the Washington University of St. Louis Olin School of Business.  He has been involved in leveraging technology to solve business problems since 1997. Since 2002, he’s been actively involved since the start of electronic prescribing/physician connectivity within the healthcare industry.  Bruce has extensive industry experience with Accenture, Express Scripts, ZixCorp (PocketScript), and CVSHealth (Caremark). He continues to lead in the development of healthcare standards through NCPDP and previously at Surescripts. He has led or been a significant contributor for NCPDP Formulary & Benefit standards, RxFill Status, Electronic Prior Authorization, e-Prescribing Vendor Certification Requirements, e-Prescribing Reporting, Co-pay standards and Real-Time Benefit Inquiry.

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David Bradsher

Chief Technology Officer

With a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, David has over 15 years of experience in information technology providing a range of services within the realm of the healthcare industry. These services include developing systems using the F&B standard as well as HL7 to support clinical operations, managing large Storage Area Networks (SANs) and maintaining enterprise backup environments. In supporting EMR implementations utilizing EPIC, David provided design and implementation services to support large virtualization initiatives as well as significant datacenter infrastructure upgrades. David’s wide range of hands-on experience enables him to understand how systems work as an integrated whole while maintaining the ability to focus on the intricacies of each moving part.

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Liz Shea

Chief Clinical Officer

Liz Shea holds a BS degree in Pharmacy from North Dakota State University. She has been involved in all aspects of e-prescribing, including formulary & benefit, electronic prior authorization, and real-time benefit checks for over 15 years. Her experience includes several years in retail pharmacy and 18 years at CVS Caremark working as a senior advisor for Physician Connectivity Product Development. She has been an active member of NCPDP (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) since 2006 and part of Surescripts’ advisory board to support e-prescribing for many years.

David Green.jpg

David Green

Vice President of Sales

David is a business development professional with 30 years of experience in the Formulary & Benefit, PBM, payer, HIT and pharmaceutical markets. He has been deeply involved throughout the evolution and growth of ePrescribing and HIT since 1995 starting with several early stage pilots, participation in RxHub development (now Surescripts) and stand-alone ePrescribing tools. His industry experience includes significant roles with AdvancePCS (now CVS Health/Caremark), Express Scripts, Eli Lilly & Company, ConnectiveRx, ZixCorp (Pocket Script), Prematics and many others in a consulting capacity. In these leadership roles he has headed efforts to create new, value-based markets for emerging technologies that reduce costs, improve margins and increase efficiency for PBMs, health plans and patients. David has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.

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Laura Topor

Strategic Advisor

Laura has over 20 years of experience in pharmacy benefits management, payer and provider operations, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance, product development, process improvement, strategic planning and program management. She is President of Granada Health, a Minnesota-based consulting firm, and has worked with the Minnesota Department of Health, PharmaSmart, RxEOB, Argus Health Systems, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Allina Hospitals and Clinics, Medica, HealthPartners and Diversified Pharmaceutical Services (now Express Scripts). Laura has been an active member of NCPDP for over 17 years. At NCPDP, Laura has served as a member of the Board of Trustees, Standardization Co-Chair, WG3 (Standard Identifiers) Co-Chair, WG 11 (ePrescribing and Related Transactions) Co-Chair, and on numerous committees and task groups. She is a member of the AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) and served on their HIT Advisory Council. In addition, Laura has participated in many of Minnesota’s e-health workgroups formed to support Minnesota’s health reform initiatives.

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Donald McNees

Chairman Of The Board

Don has over 30 years of experience leading senior management teams from all sectors of the healthcare industry in the discovery and capture of sustainable strategic and competitive advantage. This includes many years as a management consultant with Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young and at the head of his own firm, Claymore. In addition, Don has held senior strategy positions with organizations such as: PHC and BJC Health Systems, Baxter Healthcare International and, most recently, with a four-state Blues plan Cambia Health Solutions (Regence). Don’s work in all segments of the industry has led to a thorough understanding of the operational requirements and strategic intent of each that has, in turn, enabled the crafting of integrative strategies with the highest probability of sustained success. This has been of particular value since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the renewed pursuit, in all sectors, of both horizontal and vertical integration strategies as a means of achieving competitive advantage.


Aaron Moline

Lead Software Engineer

Aaron brings over 20 years of experience from a variety of roles and customers such as Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, 3M Science, Thomson Reuters, Best Buy, and Surescripts. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he finally found his passion in software engineering - building custom solutions for clients for over a decade. Having the privilege to work on both sides between the business and the implementation; he’s able to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. His work in supporting integrations for EMRs and implementing X12 integrations provides crucial knowledge of clinical integrations. These strengths not only help BenMedica focus its Agile software development practices to create awesomely effective solutions for their clients, but the ability to quickly jump from project-to-project helps keep the pendulum swinging!

Joshua Follis.jpg

Joshua Follis

Lead UX/UI Designer

Joshua Follis, known just as Follis, has two BS degrees from The University of Advancing Technology one in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and another in Technology Product Design (TPD). He also has a MS degree from Kent State University in Information Architecture & Knowledge Management with a Specialization in User Experience Design (UXD). During his undergraduate studies Follis spent a year studying Japanese language and culture in Japan at Musashi University. Follis' education has allowed him to gather a wide range of skills including User Experience Design, User Interface Design, User Research, User-Centered Design, Interaction Design, and Rapid Prototyping which he applies to BenMedica's designs.

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DJ Gallagher

Strategic Analyst

DJ has a BA degree from University of Missouri in Political Science with a focus on health care policy and legislative/regulatory implementation. In the health care sector he has several years of experience in sales, account management, strategic business growth, networking, consulting, and analytics. DJ co-founded  Gallagher Healthcare Solutions, LLC and was the Vice President in charge of business development and overall growth for the health insurance brokerage sector and consulting branch of the company.